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    About Christian Communities
    In the summer of 2016, our Lord Jesus told me to "prepare my people around the world for my soon return". At that time, I saw many visions of Christians sticking together in Communities all around the world. Surviving together waiting on our Lord Jesus’ soon return.
    After the dreams and visions, being led by our Lord in dreams & visions and receiving words.
    I wrote the Christian Communities:
    *Personal planner
    *Essential Survival Skills.
    To guide you in what to do.
    To prepare, flee, and survive together in a Community off grid.
    You will need to start with the Manual and join your Community here.
    You can find the link for the Manual in the description of my most recent videos on the
    Christian Communities youtube channel.
    Your manual will then guide you
    In what to do from here.
    Bless you.
    Dan shelley. ❤️

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