The MRNA Vaccine Diet

Tom Renz, a patriotic American freedom fighting lawyer has been sounding the alarm on the awareness of Missouri House Bill 1169. A Bill that merely requires the labeling of products that can alter your genetics, requires companies to share info on transmissibility of gene altering interventions, and also requires fully informed consent to be given for any vaccine, gene therapy, or medical intervention. A crucial bill template that should have been passed years ago in every U.S. State.

Yet, the RINOs in Missouri, lead by the Democrats and Republican House Speaker Dean Plocher are slow-walking Missouri House Bill 1169 through committee to prevent it from being approved this session. Missouri lawmakers are claiming the labeling requirements would be different from other states and they are "worried" it might scare people to know the truth .

As Renz points out, "...the answer is the lobbyists. Big Pharma has no legitimate basis for publicly arguing against an informed consent/disclosure bill so they have tried to get the ag lobby to do their dirty work. This is also because the ag bioengineers and big pharma are one and the same. Bayer (big pharma) owns Monsanto which is one of the largest (possibly still the largest) seed producers in the world. Bayer also just happens to be headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri. Big pharma DOES NOT WANT people to know they are going to use food to alter their genetics."

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